Module 1 30 Action Steps in 30 Days!
Unit 1 Day #1 Select your preferred industry
Unit 2 Day #2 Find all the associations in your preferred industry
Unit 3 Day #3 Be clear on your positioning strategy
Unit 4 Day #4 Get articles posted at your Website
Unit 5 Day #5 Write your influence presentation
Unit 6 Day #6 Call the first 10 National Associations
Unit 7 Day #7 Call 10 State Associations
Unit 8 Day #8 Find your industry specific society of association executives
Unit 9 Day #9 Learn how to search state associations at ASAE's Website
Unit 10 Day #10 Update your LinkedIn profile description
Unit 11 Day #11 Learn how to send a voice message through LinkedIn
Unit 12 Day #12 Learn how to set up auto posts of your articles on LinkedIn
Unit 13 Day #13 Ed's Six-Step template for writing articles that association editors will want
Unit 14 Day #14 Learn how to connect, on LinkedIn, with Association and Society chief staff executives
Unit 15 Day #15 Let's monitor the effectiveness of your influence script
Unit 16 Day #16 Refresh and improve your script
Unit 17 Day #17 Time to go very deep into one national association
Unit 18 Day #18 Learn about "Association Executive Councils" (AEC) within national associations
Unit 19 Day #19 Time to call the decision makers at the AECs
Unit 20 Day #21 Sign Up to Become a Certified Virtual Presenter
Unit 21 Day #20 Which Association Management Companies Serve Your Market?
Unit 22 Day #22 Focus on The State Associations (repeat from Day 17)
Unit 23 Day #23 Subscribe to Meetings Industry Publications
Unit 24 Day #24 Be the Speaker at Hosted Buyer Events
Unit 25 Day #25 Look for Affiliate Associations Within All the Websites You Visit
Unit 26 Day #26 LinkedIn Hack...Association Company Pages
Unit 27 Day #27 Time to Write a Killer Email
Unit 28 Day #28 Build Your YouTube Show
Unit 29 Day #29 Add Buying Motives into Your Influence Script
Unit 30 Day #30 Your Regimented Process for Results